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April 29, outsourced

Did you watch The Wedding? Well, DID YOU? I caught about five minutes of it after church, and it was the part where the actual wedding was already over. Oh well. You can catch up here.

(In related news, I wish I could unreservedly recommend this truly hilarious commentary on Lifetime's William & Kate movie, but I can't. Maybe you should read it anyway, though. Just know that it has a couple of irreverent moments.)

Ten unforgettable web memes. It's crazy how quickly these things became normal. I mean, who hasn't heard Chuck Norris facts?

Here's a lovely interview with one Ginny Weasley. I know she has a real name, but pretty much half of her life has been spent as Ginny Weasley, ok? Also, behold the HP7.2 trailer. Squee.

This post highlighting a few misfires in Procter & Gamble's woman-centered advertising made me laugh. Yeah, I totally hand-feed Jeremy his dinner every evening.

If you feel like looking at a whole bunch of photos featuring street food from around the world, well, by all means.

Chernobyl happened 25 years ago. These pictures tell so much of the story without saying a word.

Read this post on the new-ish Modern Mormon Men blog and laugh, as I did.

Hamas, Riyadh, Baghdad, Korphe, and a haunted amusement park

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