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April 25th, outsourced

Sad Desk Lunch. I actually love Sad Desk Lunch. [HT Jeremy]

The Pirate Economy. There were no ships taken hostage by pirates in 2013! Yay!

33 painfully true facts about everyday life. [HT Elisa]

MRI scans of fruits and vegetables! Can you guess them? [HT Crys]

Last year, a man died (by drowning) at a Tough Mudder run in West Virginia. The incident and its aftermath were recorded by racers wearing cameras, and there is a now a lawsuit being brought by the man's mother against the race and its rescue diver.

Listen to some excerpts from Shakespeare's works as they probably sounded back in the day.

Interesting old photos! I agree with Jessie that "horsemanning" needs to be a thing again. [HT Jessie]

So, there's this theory called "Ronbledore" that has it that Dumbledore is actually a time-traveling Ron Weasley. Here are some made-up "excerpts" from the Harry Potter books that support this theory. I know they're weird. But they really made me laugh. But it was also 4am and I was up with Sterling. Just whatever.

Indian Fusion Elsa

Questions checklist for international schools