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September 23rd, outsourced

Compare and contrast: Sesame Street teaching the letter G in the 1970s, and Sesame Street teaching the letter G in the 2010s.

No really, how many continents are there? [via BCC, via this delightful podcast featuring Ken Jennings]

I took a look at the 5-inch floppy disk on the Museum of Obsolete Objects and the images and sounds brought back a flood of memories of playing Carmen Sandiego and F-15 Strike Eagle or whatever it was called. [via OSC]

No matter how well behaved your children are in the car, I promise you've had this happen to you.

My friend Jen sent me a link to Flowing Data. They collect pretty pictures/graphs/data plots that teach and tell us so many interesting things. Love it. For example, look at the progression of Crayola crayon colors.

Susanne pointed out this video last week, namely that Russia has a few James Bonds running its government, while we have, well...

I reserve the right to write a longer blog post about this article sometime soon, but in the meantime, please read it: My Family's Experiment in Extreme Schooling. It blew my mind even as it reassured me that we are not the only weirdos out there who buck the trend of sending our kids to the mainstream expat school.

The Pork Room

Here's how shaping up is going.