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January 23rd, outsourced

How to tell if you are in a Henry James novel ("You’ve done something in a piazza that renders you unfit for polite company").

The Packers are obsessed with Settlers of Catan.

This food diagrams thing is going around fb. I clicked on it, and the first few were great. The next few I was like "there is no way I will look at all 24." But then I couldn't stop. They were just too interesting. And pretty.

This. guy. He got in a car wreck and was crushed between two semis...and he lived. THE PICTURES. [HT Suzanne]

Those of you who read Escape from Camp 14 might be interested in knowing that doubts have been raised about part of the story's authenticity. [HT Jennifer]

Why Finnish babies sleep in cardboard boxes. Gimmicky headline, but I love the idea of giving all moms a box of goodies to help them get started with their little one. [HT Sharon]

Have a closer look at a super-high resolution image of Andromeda, why don't you! [HT Kathy]

A vacuum salesman made the birthday of an autistic boy super special. So precious. [HT Jen]

You have plenty of time to love them later. This is my new favorite essay on parenting. [HT Amanda]

Self-destructing book gives you 24 hours to finish reading. I wish more publishers would do stunts like this, because I could get so many books for free. [HT Ashi]

I am not done reading this yet (Oregon was founded as a utopia for racists), but is it possible that everything I learned about my state in elementary school was wrong?? [HT Liz]

Speaking of things that I KNEW were true until this morning: your family's name was not changed at Ellis Island. !?!??!?!

Epic football/soccer stretcher fail compilation. Just 'cuz.

I've read Goodnight Moon to one or another of my kids every night for what probably adds up to years. So I shared so many of this woman's issues with the bedroom in that book. [HT Lindsay]

Other ways of being bilingual

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