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January 30th, outsourced

You need to read GFY's recap of the Miss Universe national costumes, which includes the drama of Miss Lebanon, Miss Israel, and a selfie.

The Onion: "I don't vaccinate my child because it's my right to decide what eliminated diseases come roaring back." [HT Scott]

Assignment: Yemen - about the US ambassador to Yemen. [HT Margaret, his daughter]

I linked to the 24-hour self-destructing book ploy last week. Here is an account of someone who tried it (clean except for an f-bomb in an excerpt from the book, toward the end of the article). [HT Ashi]

Why a generation of adoptees is returning to South Korea. Wow. I was really moved by this story and I learned a lot about the complicated emotions some of these grown-up adoptees are now feeling.

When we lived in Ithaca, during the winter, we kept the thermostat at a chilly 61 degrees, so I really appreciated (and laughted while reading) this article. [HT Jeremy]

Disney princesses with realistic hair.

Honestly, this new theory about Serial makes as much sense as anything I've heard up until now, including the story that has been presented as the truth. [HT Ashi]

Leading causes of lost years of life (early death) around the world.

I will probably never get tired of these "reconstructing old baby photos as adults" lists. Never. [HT Trina]

On Michelle Obama: The Economist explains the Saudi dress code, and the NYT talks about the bold stand she didn't actually take.

January 2015 Books

Knock-off candy bars in Syria