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January 16th, outsourced

Why language exceptions remain the rule (like went instead of goed). [HT Kaylee]

Adorably confused baby meets twins.

Why Michigan? This is an amazing story about a Mormon man serving his mission and finding an interesting connection to the place years later.

Shannon Hale on the financial feasibility of book signings/appearances, especially for authors who must also pay for childcare.

The many epiphanies of Jessica Fletcher (Murder, She Wrote).

13 amazing food and life hacks you need to know RIGHT NOW. (They're not what you think.) [HT Ashi]

Should you buy a selfie stick? [HT Andrew]

How much should you pay the babysitter? The rate around here is 25dhs/hr (about $6.80/hr), though if I find a good babysitter, I try to pay more like 30dhs/hr. However, I liked my friend Jen's comment of setting out a lump sum for each babysitting engagement - that way you can take into account the intensity of the duties the babysitter will be responsible for.

Due to the language warning, I'm afraid to click on the actual company's website (this link is ok), but you can now send glitter to your enemies. Brilliant!

Duke University said they would broadcast the call to prayer from the campus chapel, but then had to cancel it because of stupid people.

Utah has an interesting way of dealing with homeless people. I love how Pendleton interacted with the interviewer in this clip. Hilarious. [HT Kathy]

Notes from a semester of accompanying

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