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May 16th, outsourced

I've always wondered this: which passports are most accepted around the world?

Drawing eyebrows on babies will not disappoint you. [HT Lisa]

Here is a quick video primer on the spurious link between vaccines and autism. Very clear, concise, and fact-based...and therefore unlikely to change the mind of any member of its target audience, SIGH. [HT Suzanne]

Speaking of spurious! Behold, Spurious Correlations. Discover a new spurious correlation graph each day! My current favorite is "Number of people who drowned by falling into a swimming pool" and "Number of films Nicolas Cage appeared in." Somebody stop that man! Or stop the drownings, whichever.

This video is causing a stir in the UAE - as a marketing ploy, Coca-cola set up phone booths in migrant worker camps that accept Coke bottle caps as currency to pay for calls to their home country (I checked the country code of that first guy, by the way: Kyrgyzstan!). It's a nice gesture, but some people are saying that Coke was just using free internet-based calling anyway and that a single bottle of Coke costs 1/10th of a day's salary for these guys. Discuss.

School lunches around the world.

Here are some fun second-language maps of the United States.

I AM LIVING THIS: parents at the beginning of the school year vs. the end. School, please just end already.

Did you see that video of the cat saving the little boy from the dog? It's like he momentarily forgot Cat Code (Do Not Care, At All Costs). Here it is.

When you remove non-drinkers from the statistics, the UAE has the second-highest rate of alcohol consumption in the world. Statistics!!!

Jeopardy! favorites

Colored abayas