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January 9th, outsourced

Even though they found out that the guy this girl looked so humiliated to be caught with was her boyfriend, I still think this video gets funnier each time you watch it. [HT Jessie]

Pediatrician: vaccinate your kids, or get out of my office. [HT Jason]

I loved these realistic family portraits. [HT...someone]

An Emirati graduate of Stanford is going to take an unpaid leave from his job to be a schoolteacher in Abu Dhabi, just to be a good example.

The subtext of this Indian jewelry ad is very interesting - a second marriage for the bride, acknowledgement that she has a child from the previous marriage, and "dusky" skin. (For context on that last item, here is an ad for Fair & Lovely face-whitening cream, and it's not even the most egregious one I've seen.)

Speaking of context, I don't have any for this interesting chart that my brother sent me. It's people's answer to "are you in the prime of your life?" according to their age. I pity those 18-year-olds who think their prime is already past! [HT Steven]

How had I never heard this story about four rock climbers who were kidnapped in Kyrgyzstan in 2000???

I'm waiting for the perfect time to introduce my kids to the original 1990 version of the Oregon Trail computer game, which you can now play online! [HT Suzanne]

I found this video of Nicole Kidman and Jimmy Fallon discussing a missed dating opportunity so cringe-y, hilarious, and relatable that I can't stop watching it. It's very high school.

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