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May 15th, outsourced

A woman got lost in the wilderness while running a trail race and sustained herself by consuming her own breastmilk. All kinds of crazy and awesome. It also led me to think about how long such a cycle could be perpetuated - how long could you live on your own breastmilk? Sorry if this is gross to anyone. But if it is, get over it. IT'S JUST BREASTMILK.

The Arab battle for US skies. My brother and his wife are here visiting thanks to a killer Emirates sale - two tickets, JFK to DXB direct, $600 each. That is a steal.

Here's your time-waster for today: what is your today name? Miriam's today name is Olive, but, so weirdly, her 1890s name is Magdalena. What are the odds?? [HT Jen]

John Oliver on paid family leave. Brilliant as usual.

Perhaps you have seen this video of people flying with jetpacks around Dubai. We live in the future, man. [HT Matt]

Oman from the sky! One of my favorite places in the whole world! [HT Jeremy]

Oh this is a very sad "apartment" listing, complete with acceptable hours for bathroom usage and everything.

Congrats, you have an all-male panel! [HT Andrew]

Concerts this week and last

What to do about school?