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Concerts this week and last

The university choir/voice concerts were last week! I wasn't nearly as nervous as last semester, though Amor in particular was a battle. I won two of the nights (opening and closing nights), but I think it bested me the middle night. Oh well. Jeremy was in the audience that night and he said he couldn't even tell I made mistakes. Good husband.

Magdalena was my page-turner this semester. She did a great job, and I'm not sure what she enjoyed more - being on stage with the lights and attention, or hanging out in the green room with the students in between numbers. I was on stage more often than her (not all my pieces needed page-turning), and I'd peek in on her once in a while to see her busy at the whiteboard, surrounded by students, playing hangman or pictionary.

On closing night, the students gave flowers to the director, me - and Magdalena! Her own mini bouquet! It was adorable.

This week, I'm busy with the university dance concert. I'll play two songs to start off the show - Don't Rain on My Parade, and Anything You Can Do (I Can Do Better). I'm excited for both, but especially the duet since it is going to be sung by two Emirati girls who are good friends. It should be very cute.

After that, I only have juries (voice final exams) to worry about - two songs per student, seven students, most of which we've been working on throughout this semester anyway. It will be a very music-filled few weeks!

Edited to add a few more photos I found on AUS social media feeds.

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