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November 15th, outsourced

Here is a slideshow of much-loved lovies. Awwwwww. [HT Kathy]

Good teachers embrace their students' cultural backgrounds.

How to interact with introverts. [HT Liz]

My über-talented internet friend (who is also the SIL of a real-life friend) just had her book published. You should buy it (or enter to win it).

Ride the Moscow metro for 30 squats!

Before and after photos (via sliders) of the typhoon damage in the Philippines. [HT Cait]

This smacks ever-so-slightly of Elf on the Shelf, but I love it anyway: Dinovember. [This link has been all over the place, but Bryce had it first]

This is a long read, so maybe keep it open in a tab and read a little when you have a few moments: foreigners on things they could not believe about America until they experienced it themselves. [HT Eric D. Snider]

Are you a hangry person? Magdalena is. Learn the signs of a hangry person (featuring one of the best SNL clips ever, in my opinion). [HT Elisa]

This article about why you should use the bathroom BEFORE boarding a private jet has a few brief moments of irreverent language, but if you are of age, you should read it anyway. Because it is hilarious. And instructive. [HT Scotty]

Locked out

Thesis Draft Excerpt: Categories of cultural conflict