March 15th, outsourced

“I don’t think that we should be telling women anything. I think we should be telling men not to rape women and start the conversation there.”

Don't want (registered) sex offenders in your neighborhood? Build a tiny park.

I saw this article about living with less linked to in a few places, and it reminded me of the time we sold almost everything we owned and how liberating that was.

I saw this in a few places, too: serving convenience foods for dinner doesn't save time. (I think the article ends up saying it actually might save you 10 or 20 minutes, but you get the point.) Interesting food for thought.

More obituaries need to read like this one: "Harry took fashion cues from no one. His signature every day look was all his: a plain pocketed T-shirt designed by the fashion house Fruit of the Loom, his black-label elastic waist shorts worn above the navel and sold exclusively at the Sam's on Highway 49, and a pair of old school Wallabees (who can even remember where he got those?) that were always paired with a grass-stained MSU baseball cap." [HT Jen]

Diabulimia: skipping insulin to lose weight. [HT Ashi]

I wish I wish this map of which countries America does/doesn't like (and vice versa) could have included more countries!!! Still, pretty neat.

Seriously, no, THIS is the most useless infomercial product ever. I mean, if it were self-chilling or something, then maybe, but it's not. Fushies are just pillows for your feet. Lame.

This (I think fake) product, on the other hand, seems not to exist but actually could be useful. [HT Kathy]

I KNEW IT: babies can be mean-spirited. [HT Kathy]


Global Day strikes again