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I recommend...

...that you watch Broadchurch. Now. It's on Netflix (at last!). Jessie will be blessed in heaven for recommending it a few months back. I have never been so moved by a crime drama. I don't even think "crime drama" describes what this show is. It's therapeutic, somehow. Plus, it overcame a barrier that I thought was insurmountable. Early on, I said to Jeremy, "if [such and such happens], then I hate this show." Well, such and such happened and I still LOVED the show. Wow.

...that you make and eat zucchini gratin. Maybe it's not zucchini season where you live, but I think it's eternally zucchini season here. Our weekly CSA box is always brimming with it (actually marrow, but it's mostly the same thing). Zucchini gratin is perfect.

January 23rd, outsourced

Downton Abbey 5.3 (SPOILERS)