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Downton Abbey 5.3 (SPOILERS)

I knew Mary's better judgment would kick in eventually! It seems she is having second thoughts about marrying Squicky McHeebieJeebie. I second your second thoughts, Mary! Make wise choices. Choose SOMEONE ELSE.

I'm glad Cora came out and said she finds her life boring right now, because frankly, *I* find her life boring right now. And I can't make out if she knows that The Scarlet Pimpernel is flirting with her or not. Lord Grantham finally figured it out, that's for sure.

Speaking of Lord Grantham, it's not often that I straight-up agree with him, but wow, is he right re: Miss Bunting. That woman is insufferable! I'm sorry I say it every week, but HONESTLY.

Whenever someone young is telling someone old to get with the times (as Mary was trying to do with Lady Violet when she found out about the Sex Vacation), I think of Mary Crawford in Mansfield Park exclaiming, re: her open mind about her brother's affair with Mariah, "this is 1806, for heaven's sake!" 1806, 1924, whenever - get with the times!!!

That was a really nice scene between Mary and Branson, discussing love and difficult choices. They have become such friends. I'll never understand the 'shippers, but I like them together platonically.

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