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Downton Abbey 4.2 (SPOILERS)

I watched Downton Abbey Season 4 along with the Brits last fall, so the episode numbers are not quite the same. Apparently, I should have posted this next bit with last week's post, because PBS lumped Episodes 1 and 2 (British version) together. So here is a continuation of thoughts on last week's episode, followed by new ruminations on this week's episode.

This show knows we all hate Edna, right? I hope they're not trying to push her on us as a kind of pseudo-O'Brien. I always found O'Brien strangely lovable. It was the "O'Brien, you're better than this" moment she had to herself in front of the mirror right after she left Her Ladyship's soap on the floor. We all have those moments, and when O'Brien had hers, it was a little too late. But she spent the remainder of Season 1 and the entirety of Seasons 2 and 3 trying to make it up. My point is: I hate Edna. And if I were Anna, I would have warned Thomas Barrow away from HER, rather than the other way around. Hmph.

ANYWAY. Did your heart break when you saw Molesley working road construction or what?

Jimmy's "What the...?" line when he saw Rose in a maid uniform was the best moment of the episode, in my opinion.

I love how the show keeps returning to its central conflict, which is that the future of Downton is always in jeopardy, somehow, some way. And understanding that central conflict often depends on your grasp of the intricacies of estate law in the early 20th century. This time, it's something about death taxes? I guess? But good for Mary for stepping up, and good for Lord Grantham for getting over himself. Again. Some more.

AHEM. Moving on to tonight's episode (12 Jan).

We'll talk about THAT in a minute.

So the heir of Jarndyce v. Jarndyce turns out to be a card sharp. Figures.

Do you know, I get the strangest feeling in this season that Lady Violet and Mrs. Crawley are secretly BFFs. Perhaps they don't even know it. Yet. But their jabs at each other have taken on a kinder tone and they are legitimately helping each other out. I am strangely satisfied by this turn of events.

Do I still hate Edna? Yes. More than ever.

I want so badly to see Alfred be a cook/chef. Perhaps even as much as I wanted to see Gwen become a seck-retary!

Now. THAT. We'll see what they do with that plot point. I'm not a fan so far and I hope the show didn't do that to Anna just 'cuz. I hate it when shows do stuff to people just 'cuz.

You keep using that word.

January 10th, outsourced