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Downton Abbey 4.1 (SPOILERS)

Would you mind very much if I posted about Downton Abbey Season 4 after each episode? Jeremy and I (assuming he deigns to watch this season) don't have anyone else to discuss this show with. These won't be recaps, just points of discussion or interest or rage for each episode. Chime in with your favorites or rants.

Ah, it is so good to be back and hanging out with these people! We've known them for three years now (I think more like 10 years in the actual show). On to particulars of Episode 1.

I just want to say that seeing Mary almost catatonic with grief was devastating. Mary can cut you down with a glance even when she's feeling chipper, so I don't blame those around her for pretty much avoiding eye contact (that scene on the stairs with Edith was especially affecting). It was so sad to see acerbic, witty Mary turned into acerbic, sad/angry Mary.

So then oh, what a payoff when she snapped out of it in the end! Did anyone else tear up when Carson gave her a hug at the end of the episode? Or was that just this hormone-riddled, sleep-deprived new mother?

It was almost as devastating to see our favorite busybody, Mrs. Crawley, so inert and deflated. I hope taking in the man from the workhouse ends up being a project she can really sink her teeth into.

Edith has really come into her own and is currently the best-dressed woman on this show. That red outfit - to die for! But then that outfit with the v-neck necklace thing that draped down the back! So pretty! Not sure about Mr. Rochester and his ambitions to become German. Seems legit...NOT.

I hope O'Brien doesn't stay away for long. I do love seeing what schemes that woman is up to.

The kitchen maids/footmen are all still in love with the wrong people, as per Mrs. Patmore last season. And why, WHY is Edna back? Did I not make it clear last season how much I disliked her? On the other hand, Rose is growing on me. Good for her.

I wonder if Jos Sedley from Vanity Fair is mad that Hugh Bonneville got a huge upgrade from being Mr. Rushworth in Mansfield Park to being Lord Grantham, and he's still playing an oddball. I did enjoy the butler wars, though. Also, is Downton Abbey going to be like the Harry Potter movies - a place for every British actor who's anybody to show up for a scene or two? Not that I'd mind.

As far as soap opera factor goes, this first episode was pretty tame - no jilted brides or secret pregnancies or long-lost cousins back from the dead. I wonder what they will spring on us later this season!

Finally, I enjoyed the re-working of the soundtrack. It's still recognizable, but there are some new things going on with the main themes. I loved the use of the Matthew & Mary theme music (I think the track is titled Such Good Luck), though now it's just...Mary. Sniff.

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