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September 30th, outsourced

(Hi. We're back to normal with the blog format, with some slight stylistic changes. You can always return to Dynamic View by typing "/view/magazine" after the URL.)

Best. Simpsons Clips. Ever. According to Wired, anyway. I agree that they caught some of the best moments, but they lost me somewhere around Season 22.

Sometimes I remember my own experiences being spied upon in Russia and wonder if perhaps Jeremy and I and our embassy colleagues were all just imagining things. Nah, it was totally real. [HT Steve]

Read this article about Why I Want a Wife (written by a wife) and laugh at how far we've come. Or realize how much it matches your own life, whatever. [HT FMH]

I bookmarked this article about The Last Tourist in Syria a few months ago, but I was too sad to post it. I'm still sad, but things are not looking up so I'm going to post it anyway. Reading the author's experiences reminded me so much of our own - a lot has changed since we were there last year, but then again, a lot has remained the same.

In case you're thinking of getting a PhD, take a look at this infographic and maybe think again. I would say that Jeremy was lucky to make it through, except that there wasn't anything lucky about it - just a lot of old-fashioned hard work and sacrifice.

Everyone here is talking about the terrible tragedy that occurred in Dubai the other day when a mother and son died after separate falls from the same open eighth-floor window. They are also talking about the grotesquely unnecessary diagram that accompanied the Gulf News article describing the incident.

Finally, we have crap at my parents' house, which I really could have used about three years ago. [HT Suzanne]

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