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December 2nd, outsourced

It's possible that I'm as irrationally, fantastically upset about people who complain about babies crying on airplanes as those people are about...well, babies crying on airplanes. Here's a perspective from The Economist (and I'd like to highlight FP's lovely use of the term "uncontrollable rogue states of travel" to describe said crying babies).

I loved this: a Google Earth puzzle. I only got 5/25 correct but the fun was in the journey, not the score.

Arizona state senator: Herman Cain has not sexually harassed me, even though I am attractive. REALLY. [HT Eric D. Snider]

If you're looking for some Christmas gifts for your children, here are five great toys! [HT a bunch of my friends on FB]

This article really resonated with me - it's almost like she's articulating the feelings about the Breaking Dawn movie that I couldn't express on my own.

"Mormon disco ball" is now the first item on my Christmas list. Thank you, video. [HT Andrew]

I saw this Nicolas Cage Serbian biology textbook cover on its own, completely without context, about a week ago. I think the background story actually makes it LESS funny, but whatever.

The winter charade

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