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December 6th, outsourced

17 background actors who have no idea what they're doing.

A textual analysis of The Hunger Games.

An interesting essay from a woman whose father was the longest-held hostage in US history, until last week.

Is Dubai the future of cities? Read this article and see what you think. [HT Jeremy]

Here is a fascinating post from my friend Crystal about her experience with the medical care system in the US as she was dealing with a miscarriage.

10 words to cut from your writing. But I'm sooo in love with "just" in casual writing. I hope I can keep it! [HT Jen]

On a related note, here are 8 new punctuation marks we should start using, NOW. [HT Eric D. Snider]

Now that Dubai has landed Expo 2020, here are some things we have to look forward to (not pictured: endless traffic and construction).

The challenge of being poor at America's richest colleges. [HT Andrew]

Girls CAN jump - ski jumping, at the next Olympics. [HT Missy]

This is officially the scariest article I've read since that account of the reporter who pretended to be a boat refugee going to Christmas Island: a world without antibiotics. [HT Andrew]

I know I saw a few of these a few years ago, but here is an even creepier batch of hidden-mother pictures. The eighth and tenth ones down are the best (=scariest). [HT Jen]

Cars at Carrefour

The Other Pioneer Day