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June 8th, outsourced

Photos from the aftermath of an A-bomb test detonation in 1955. [HT Kathy]

In (late) Eurovision news, here are the seven worst songs of Eurovision, and a run-down of the most fabulously terrible costumes.

Yes, why does bedtime come at the end of the day when we're almost too exhausted to parent? [HT someone, don't remember who, sorry]

These cookies win. Everything.

Cool photos of Dubai. Yeah, I live here. [HT Scotty]

An unmarried man and woman were arrested for kissing in public in Dubai. Yeah, I live here.

I SO enjoyed this column about the ineffective ways Hollywood tries to put a stop to movie pirating. And I quote: "WE DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO HERE ARE SOME RANDOM RULES THEY ARE DUMB DO NOT BREAK THEM WE ARE IN CHARGE WE ARE THE BOSS!!!"

Euro 2012

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