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November 8th, outsourced

The internet was all kinds of awesome this week. Brace yourselves.

When KFC opened in Damascus, it was a big deal - the first US fast food chain to ever make it into the country. Now it has closed.

BUT: the Christian village of Seidnayya in Syria has managed to build a huge statue of Jesus on the mountain. [HT Suzanne]

The US needs to get rid of Daylight Savings (yeah!!!) and have just two time zones, one hour apart (????).

The man behind Oregon's infamous exploding whale has died. If you did not already know about the exploding whale, please proceed directly to YouTube.

This woman is so artistically talented that I can hardly fault her for turning her napping newborn into artwork.

I don't really understand the photographic science behind these photos. I only know that they are terrifying. [HT Erin]

The eternal tide of laundry. Preach. [HT Andrew]

I REALLY hope you heard the news about the two planes that crashed into each other mid-air, but all eleven occupants were skydivers so nobody was killed. Yeah. CHECK. IT. OUT. As I said on fb the other day, those people basically fell out of a plane. The fact that they had parachutes strapped to their backs had to have been irrelevant for those first few moments.

So much to digest in this article about Cafeteria Mormonism. [HT Andrew]

I cannot determine my dominant emotion re: Anti-Rape Wear. Is it...awesome? Empowering? Ridiculous? About time? I'm not sure. I just know that I'm fascinated. [HT Ellie]

I don't know how a personal essay about Orson Scott Card, homophobia, and Ender's Game turned into something so incredibly affecting that I had chills by the time I was finished reading it, but there you go. [HT Jessie]

This is random, but it is a fact that every once in a while I reminisce about that awesome Jane Austen Fight Club video from 2010, and mourn the fact that it was removed from YouTube because it used copyrighted music. Or something. But the original version (as far as I can tell) has been restored here. Watch it all you want.

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