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Thesis Draft Excerpt: Controversial materials/topics in class

Check it out: when I asked students (via questionnaire) if they were OK with their teachers using materials and topics in class that went against their religious values, they said, heck no.

But then, when I asked if they were OK discussing sex in class - pretty much THE big no-no, you would think - they said, meh.

Are they just messing with me?

One student scribbled in the margins of the paper questionnaire that he agreed with this statement because "it might be usefull [sic] for life." So there's that.

Otherwise, I can't really make sense of this. Maybe since it was an anonymous questionnaire, the students were all, here's our chance to request more class materials/topics related to sex??

PS - my supervisor said no fancy-pants diverging stacked bar charts. :( Those took longer to make, so I guess I'm thanking him for saving me some time, even if they were so pretty.

November 8th, outsourced

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