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November 30th, outsourced

Let's just get this right out there: if this elevator prank happened to me, I would either die of fright, or come very close to it. I don't even find this ha-ha funny. I find it horrifying! [HT Andrew]

To cleanse our palates from the above: here is one-pound fish man. There was a guy by the Tushinskaya metro station in Moscow who had a catchy tune about black pepper, but the one-pound fish guy is not too shabby.

OK, hear me out: I was doing some research on YouTube for my Law Enforcement English for Women class and I came across BRITISH Law & Order. It really exists. Here is a snarky promo for it. I WOULD TOTALLY WATCH THIS SHOW.

Pictures of Hitler in disguise (so Allied troops would know what he looked like if he was trying to evade capture). [HT Scotty]

At first I was amazed that Amazon's warehouses look like this. But now that I think about it: OF COURSE they do. They sell everything. [HT Scotty]

My friend Hani wrote this week about his conversations with his mother in Gaza.

(The following link has some graphic photos and content.) Until further notice, Maria Santos Gorrostieta is the bravest woman ever. God rest her soul. [HT Liz]

(In case you don't want to click through to the above, which tells the whole story, you can click here for a shorter, less graphic version.)


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