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July 13th, outsourced

I hear the US had/is having a heat wave. Just be glad you're not in one of the 10 hottest places on earth.

Dora the Explorer: The Movie. Hilarious.

A swimmer and a journalist prove to be the making of each other. Awwwwww.

The Consumerist asks, at what age is it appropriate to market professional waxing to girls? I...hate that ad.

Here's a delightfully negative, snarky look at the worst thing about summer in eight American cities.

I love everything about the fact that a girl meant to email her resume and cover letter to a prospective employer but accidentally sent a photo of crazy Nic Cage instead. LOVE.

The Real Housewives of the Syrian Revolution (plus more photos).

What do you think of the US Olympics uniforms?

You know, sometimes it is interesting to think of how brands have such a presence in social media these days.

Articles like this (about the US gymnastics team) make perfect use of GIFs.

Here's another perfect use of a GIF (Magdalena dancing!). Thanks, Andrew!

Thoughts on the prospect of returning to America