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June 13th, outsourced

Here's an article about the Arabian version of a pioneer trek they did in our stake recently.

I remember watching Vanity Fair for the second or third time and finally noticing that Reese Witherspoon was totally pregnant. Here is an article about how actresses deal with this issue (and how pregnant actresses are dealt with).

Lessons on language-learning from the (Mormon) Missionary Training Center.

An office for introverts. Too bad cubicles aren't the only problem! [HT Jeremy]

I love this: if strangers talked to everybody like they talk to writers. "Ah, a middle school teacher? Have I met any of the students you've taught?"

Next time you start feeling sorry for yourself and your American passport, read more about what it's like for an Arab to go on vacation.

I meant to do a standalone blog post about this, and maybe I still will, except that I think it's all been said by now. Someone at Slate said adults should be embarrassed to be reading Young Adult books. The Atlantic said, you know, that is a really simplistic point of view and here are some things that are AWESOME about reading YA as an adult.

Also worth reading: No, The Fault in Our Stars is not YA fiction's savior. I loved so many things this article said.

I read this article about end-of-life care for the homeless and undocumented within minutes of reading this article about "anti-homeless spikes" in the UK. Interesting juxtaposition, though I do understand what the spikes are trying to accomplish. [HT Jen for the first article]

Oh my gosh this look at five minutes in a mom's head was like a checklist of thoughts I have EVERY DAY.

As the mother of two place-(middle)-named daughters, this article about country-name-inspired baby names was of great interest to me. Back in 2005, Jeremy and I considered using Syria for Miriam but went with the less political Damascus instead. [HT Eric D. Snider]

I enjoyed watching this guy's creative use of the fact that he was all alone in the Vegas airport in the middle of the night (though I'm not sure it surpasses this take on the same situation from a few years ago).

Kids these days, talking to authors on Twitter

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