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June 29th, outsourced

Every once in a while The Consumerist highlights an "expectations vs. reality" mismatch based on product packaging representations. This is one of my favorites. [HT Scotty]

This article about why American kids are so spoiled toes the preachy line of "everyone else is doing it better than us" and stays on the right side...mostly. [HT Andrew]

There was an honest-to-goodness tie for third place (and the final spot on the team) in the women's 100m at the US Olympic Trials this week. WOW.

Add to the list of benefits of bilingualism: less biased decision making. [HT Matt]

The juxtaposition of the longest burp in the world and the fastest 200m race in the world on this week's episode of How to do Everything was BRILLIANT. Skip to a little less than halfway through the episode to hear it, right after the Ira Glass segment. I was chopping vegetables when that part came on and I had to just pause and soak in the beauty of it. (The entire interview with the burper is worth a listen.)

So you want to hire a nanny.

Why I hated Men Who Hate Women