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August 29th, outsourced

What your junk drawer reveals about you.

The wettest place on earth. Two words: LIVING BRIDGES. [HT Ashi]

Back to School: the 1970s vs. today.

Back to School: The Onion.

A man lived in the woods of Maine for 30 years and did not have contact with other human beings (until he was caught stealing food) and I wasn't informed (until now)??!??! [HT Liz]

Here's what happens when you Like everything you see on Facebook. [HT Andrew]

My favorite link this week: tracking state-to-state mobility in the US. I was clicking through a few states and wishing I could see where people from a certain state ended up, too, and YOU CAN (here). The influx of Californians into Oregon isn't as dramatic as I expected it to be (though I suppose there could be plenty of Californians in Oregon who weren't born in CA and therefore would not show up as such on the chart). [HT Kathy]

In defense of the Knee Defender. I'm team Knee Defender myself. I routinely do not recline my airplane seat, out of courtesy for the person behind me. It provides so little additional comfort for me, and causes great discomfort for the other person. I had never thought of it as the airlines double-selling that space, but it's kind of true, isn't it?

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