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March 29th, outsourced

Not many links today. It was a busy week heading in to Spring Break and actually I'm somewhere in Germany as you're reading this.

My friend Liz sent me this link (Hi. In the past two years you have allowed me to kill 70,000 people) and I can't stop thinking about it. On the one hand, it's not that simple. On the other hand...isn't it?

Watch this anti-rape ad and see how it surprises you. [HT Kathy]

Illegal. [HT Lisa]

A generational shift in understanding life with Down Syndrome.

It wouldn't be Outsourced Friday without at least one frivolous link. So here are 25 astonishingly useless tips found in magazines. Some of those are seriously SO BAD. And British, I suspect.

OK, OK, two frivolous links. Was the destruction of the Death Star an inside job? [HT Matt]

Spring Break

Mountain climbers, pirates, the French, and the Montmoravians