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Spring Break

Usually we hang around town for Spring Break (or have misadventures in the Empty Quarter), but this year, we decided to go to Germany. Here is what our "Spring" Break in Germany looked like upon arrival.

Yeah. Good thing Jeremy and I love the cold. It is such a treat to the eyes and to the body to be in different surroundings with a drastically different climate. Even if it is, well, freezing. Literally.

The girls are having to dredge up memories of living in Ithaca to remember how to cope with these weather conditions, since that's the last time we experienced natural cold and wet (so not counting Ski Dubai) like this. I had forgotten what a chore it is to prepare small children to go out of doors when it's so cold - layers, coat, hat, boots, mittens, scarf, everything zipped up and wrapped properly. In the UAE, it's more like "put on your flip-flops and let's go."

My favorite quotes from the girls so far:

"Porcupones!!!!!" - Majd, on seeing pine cones on the ground during a hike through a snowy forest.

"Mama, sometimes I look out the window and it reminds me of Christmas." - Miriam.

Me too, Miriam. Me too.

Speaking of religious holidays, it is an extra special free bonus for us to be spending Easter in a country that not only celebrates it, but gives a four-day weekend holiday to go with it. So Happy Easter!

On the way to Salzburg

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