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A video of Aleppo

I just have to share this video of Aleppo with you. In August of 2004, we took a bus from Damascus to Lattakia to go see Kazim al-Saher in concert, on the beach. Then we took another bus, from Lattakia to Aleppo. (Note to the world: never do this. Take the train, because the bus is hot and motion-sicky.) On that bus ride, I learned the meaning of khallas, as it was used by a mother to ask her daughter if she was done puking.

This was our first visit to Aleppo. We stayed in a crappy hostel - a favorite pasttime of ours in the Middle East - but had a great time exploring Syria's second city. Here is a short clip from the footage we took on the trip. It starts with a view of Aleppo from the top of the Citadel. After that, there is footage of the old souk, which is right across the street from the Citadel.

I apologize in advance for the headache you might get watching this shaky footage. Syria was a place where you couldn't just casually bust out the video camera. So we often did that thing where you hold it nonchalantly to the side like it's off, but actually you're filming the whole time. Anyway, that's why it's so wobbly.

Enjoy the Aleppo Souq, as was.

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