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Dirty Jobs

On Saturday, Miriam's school had a "Curriculum Morning," which I think is kind of like Back-to-School night in the US. As I walked through the lobby to the auditorium for the Grade 2 meeting, I felt like the 19th-century owner of a house in the English countryside, showing up to inspect the grounds and servants after a summer absence. The school was spic-and-span and all the staff were turned out to welcome the parents with smiles and grace.

My favorite part was when I got to see some samples of Miriam's work on display in and near her classroom. Just outside the classroom door was where I found this gem:

"If I met Plop I would tell him dark is fun! Becaus we get to play games at night. and peopol can't see me. When we play games we like to play Clue. and we get to wat(c)h some dirty jobs. When some wone named Mike Row looks for peopol who arnt afraid to get dirty."

Ahem, yes, we DO watch Dirty Jobs sometimes as a family. I have to wonder what Miriam's teacher thought of this. She's from Scotland so I can't imagine she knows what the heck "dirty jobs" is. I'm sure the seven-year-old female demographic is not exactly what Dirty Jobs caters to, but they've got a big fan in Miriam!

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