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January 4th, outsourced

I don't remember/care how I stumbled across this: The Top 10 Worst Infomercials. To think that microphone/radio Bart took down the well was related to a real product!

The cold, hard facts of freezing to death. [HT Ashi]

Pictures from Foreign Policy of the protests in India.

A Saudi prince heard about a homeless, unemployed man and his family and he set them up with a furnished house and a job. Wow.

Here's the dash cam video from that plane crash in Russia. I am forever grateful to that article for explaining why so many Russian cars have dash cams in the first place (was I the only one who wondered?).

The first babies (and baby names) from each state in the US in 2013.

Hahahaha, a review of Les Mis pasted together from what the author has read on FB. (No, I haven't seen it yet. It only opened here yesterday.) [HT Eric D. Snider]

A war reporter has been kidnapped a second time (first Libya, then Syria).

WOAH. Photos of the abandoned hospital in Chernobyl.

Talking to other parents about guns. I have to admit to never thinking about whether the houses my kids play at have guns (though technically, only Emiratis are allowed to own them here). And I've even read Freakonomics! [HT Cait]

Law Enforcement English for Women

2012 Stats