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February 22nd, outsourced

Note: I'm in Oman right now with sketchy internet so I won't be able to post some of the links a few of you sent me in the last 36 hours or so. Sorry! I'm sure they will still be awesome next week.

You know I love Jeopardy!. So of course I loved watching this awesome guy win the Teen Tournament.

A dress-code enforcer's struggle for the soul of the middle-school girl.

G-rated moments of swoon from literature (not just YA). That scene in The Scarlet Pimpernel - it's been years since I read that book, but SIGH.

I can't remember whose FB page I saw this on, but: a mom took "newborn" photos of her 13-year-old adopted son. Hilarious.

The world in 1963 (photo essay).

Casablanca vs. Gone With the Wind: Gone With the Wind, obviously.

Women of Syria (photo essay).

There's a whole backstory behind this fake menu that I don't have time to explain, but basically this is a joke menu of AMERRICUN food. [HT Jessie]

More and more companies are requiring college degrees...just 'cuz.

Gifts for kids. Warning: this page includes a product that is soap shaped like poo. [HT Jeremy and Andrew]

TV zombies

A new church building