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May 22nd, outsourced

Photos of the plastic surgery scene in South Korea.

I haven't watched the documentary yet, but the horrifying story of an ill-fated excursion of schoolchildren to Mt. Hood in the 80s was one I heard a lot during my childhood.

I saw this all over the place and it warmed my heart every time - that photo of a professor holding the fussy baby of one of his students. Awww.

Yet another installment in the our-adjunct-faculty-system-is-broken series of articles. I found this one particularly interesting. [HT Ashi]

Hottest heads of state: young US presidents edition. [HT Liz]

Oh my gosh, I read number one on this list of things that will break any mom's sanity and I totally agreed already. Also: "Clean outfit worn for only 12 minutes and placed in the hamper on actual dirty clothes."

Good books from the last five years. I've read a few of these and agree for the most part. However, I thought The Lifeboat was awful. [HT Kathy]

At Afghan weddings, his side, her side, and 600 strangers. This article will be my new conversation topic with every Afghan I meet from now on. [HT Kristi]

A sportsball player let his toddler daughter join in a press conference. Adorable.

In the morbidly funny category, we have an honest-to-goodness job application to join Al Qaeda. Come for the article; stay for the comments! I laughed so hard I cried. [HT Blair]

The cost of stitches in the UAE