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The cost of stitches in the UAE

I was going through some papers today and found the itemized list of charges for Magdalena's stitches and Sterling's non-stitches from January. I found it interesting and thought you might, too. You can click on the images to make them bigger.

The statement above is for Magdalena's visit. She split her chin at the playground and ended up needing something like eight stitches. Some of the charges listed have discounts applied; I believe that's because we are from AUS - this is a university hospital and we get a similar (30%) discount at the dental hospital, so I'm assuming that's what it is. Our insurance pays the resulting 80% and we pay 20%.

We were charged 210dhs ($57) for the consultation with the doctor. Various supplies (dressings, chuck pads, stitches, needles, etc.) cost a total of 46dhs ($12). Then there were some medicines (acetaminophen, lidocaine, and some antibiotic) for 59dhs ($16).

The biggest charge was for the act of the doctor suturing the wound - it took 20-30 minutes and we were charged 770dhs ($209). Altogether, Magdalena's stitches cost almost $300 and we paid a little over $50.

On to Sterling's visit two days later. He tripped and fell while holding salad tongs and they cut through his eyelid and around his tear duct.
Again we have the consultation fee of 210dhs ($57). Then supplies for a stunning almost-5dhs ($1.36). The dressing/taping of the wound by a nurse (not the doctor) cost 70dhs ($19). After insurance, we paid about $15 total.

So that's what stitches (and near-stitches) will cost you in the UAE, at least in Sharjah at this one hospital. By far the most expensive thing was the doctor stitching up Magdalena's chin. It was interesting to see how cheap the supplies were - I feel like I'm always reading about insanely high prices for things like thermometer covers on US insurance bills. As you can see here, a thermometer probe cover will run you about 13 cents!

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