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Baby comparisons

The girls and I were looking at their baby pictures the other day and I was struck by how different I looked after each of the kids' births.

Shellshocked, with Miriam:

I AM AWESOME natural birth high, with Magdalena:

I am still awesome and so is natural birth but I am so glad it's over, with Sterling:

Then there are the babies themselves. Here are all three kids at age 5 months:

And again at 20 months (Sterling's current age).

The girls don't actually look that much alike at all, either as babies or nowadays, and some days I see more of one sister in Sterling and some days the other. I don't think Magdalena looks like either Jeremy or me. Sterling is a copy of his dad and people tell me all the time that Miriam is a copy of me.

Funny that we family members can all look alike somehow and yet so different!

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