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May 17, outsourced

This is my new favorite mental exercise. Palmer family rules are that you can't use any outside source to figure it out - only your brain and the scene in front of you. My high score is 13K-something, and in one round, I was able to correctly distinguish between a Japanese garden in Japan and the Japanese garden in Portland (it was the one in Portland). [HT Matt]

Don't judge a Book of Mormon by its cover. Really interesting article about missionaries turning the Book of Mormon musical into an opportunity to teach. [HT Susanne]

I'm sure you all heard the news about Angelina Jolie. Take the time to read her original Op-ed in the NYT. Bravo.

Cherry season in Aleppo - normal life goes on despite the war in Syria.

Life goes on in Gaza, too, with KFC deliveries being smuggled in through a tunnel.

On a lighter note: 21 kids who sold out their parents. "I love you more than cow," indeed.

Two stores that changed my life

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