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February 8th, outsourced

Shh, baby's sleeping...until her favorite song comes on.

Why do some countries regulate baby names? [HT Jeremy]

The world's best game of tag. Seriously!!!

What foreign language is on this Dickens poster? My guess was pretty close, how about yours?

Carson (from Downton Abbey) had another life, way back when. [HT Jeremy]

This is possibly too niche to be enjoyed by all, but the big news in the (Mormon) Bloggernacle this week was that FMH upset BCC for best (Mormon) blog. A meme war ensued, culminating in this gem.

Here is a hijab tutorial for men ("brothers") who complain that even veiled women are immodest these days, or who have trouble keeping themselves from harassing women.

Richard III's remains have been found.

Mary Ingalls did not go blind from scarlet fever. I repeat, Mary Ingalls did not go blind from scarlet fever. [HT Suzanne]

People of Timbuktu save manuscripts from invaders. Sniff. [HT James]

YOU GUYS (LADIES). Just keep your whole maiden name and put the last name on there without a hyphen. Nobody says you can't have four names. It works for me. [HT Susanne]

The upside of nuclear war?

I hope to find out that this "new" Anne of Green Gables cover is a hoax. [HT Liz]

This is my favorite link in a long time. It's a little complicated to explain, but basically a lady took pictures of herself in an airplane bathroom using props like the toilet seat cover to mimic 15th-century Flemish portraiture. Yeah, just go look. [HT Liz]

Downton Abbey, 10 February episode - SPOILERS

The new semester