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Downton Abbey, 10 February episode - SPOILERS

Spoilers, as usual.

Wow, I was wrong about Bates. Welcome home! That was prompt. I had forgotten that he and Thomas Mr. Barrow were such enemies. Yikes. Now let us never underestimate the value of pie in evidence procedures ever again.

Speaking of Thomas - the poor man. I know the show wants us to think "oh, the poor man," but seriously, THE POOR MAN. O'Brien's joke wasn't so funny after all. And I'm trying to forget Carson's horribly insensitive use of the word "revolting" because I love that man.

Does anyone else think Edith is going to marry that editor someday? Or at least be tempted to?

All that talk of Branson being qualified to run a farm because his grandfather was a shepherd reminded me SO MUCH of "yes, but my father was a piano mover, so..." Maybe Julian Fellowes is not familiar with Groundhog Day.

Edited to add: I just found out that what was two episodes for us was one episode for you. SO. Here are my thoughts on the rest of the episode.

Wasn't it nice to have a cricket match in the background of this episode, keeping things light-hearted? It's been a while since this show had that tone. Gotta love Mosely's interminable musings on cricket technique - admit it, you knew he was going to be terrible in the end, just like I did.

Well well well, Edith has herself her own Mr. Rochester, doesn't she?? Crazy wife in the attic and everything. Did anyone else think that editor was going to tell Edith that his wife was "horrid?" I did, until I remembered that he hadn't heard that conversation with Rose (who kind of drives me crazy, by the way) (even if her headdress(es) are divine).

'It was her ladyship's soap." CRINGE. I had forgiven O'Brien, had you?

Sooooo adorable that Matthew and Mary were seeing the same fertility doctor.

"I am not foul." Well said, Thomas.

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