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February 28th, outsourced

Here's another enthralling compilation of (mostly Russian) dashcam and surveillance videos showing amazing near-brushes with death. [HT Jeremy]

A novice spectator of figure skating gives his thoughts on all the ladies' performances.

In other figure skating news, here is an excellent summary of why some people think Sotnikova's gold medal was rigged.

Just who IS Andy's mom (in Toy Story)? This theory is intriguing. [HT Andrew]

How not to name your baby. [HT Lyse]

Downton Abbey's season finale, on Facebook. [HT Andrew]

Language anachronisms from Downton Abbey, presented in a non-curmudgeonly way. [HT Cait, I swear you posted this on fb but when I went back to check it wasn't on your wall.]

This video of a 10-year-old girl trying a ski jump for the first time is the new Happy Of Myself. [HT James]

What we mean when we say "hello." If I meet someone from PDX I often give them the "where did you go to high school?" line because it's an easy way to figure out where exactly they're from in an area that has strange city boundaries. [HT Susanne]

The new Part of Your World

Having a child now is different from five years ago (emotional edition)