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September 6th, outsourced

Here's a close look at one of the adoptions gone wrong between Russia and the US.

The Gulf explained in 20 maps. So cool! [HT Jeremy]

Incredible tourist sites, trapped in countries that are almost un-visitable by tourists.

The trouble with bright girls. [HT Bryce]

Downton Abbey Season 4 trailer!!!!!!!!

Can you guess the language, based only on a spoken sample? Fun game. I got 600 my first (and only) time. I thought Dari was Kurdish. Silly me! [HT Andrew]

That same dialect survey from years ago has popped up in a new fun form - a quiz to see where your dialect is from. My origin is Washington/Oregon (see map, above). Seems legit. [HT Andrew]

The effect of the unrest in Egypt on Americans trying to study abroad there. I know there are bigger issues going on, but you have to feel for these students who have to make other plans, very suddenly. [HT Andrew]

Poll: the majority of Americans are in favor of sending Congress to Syria. From The Onion, of course. [HT Elisa]

Why are you not dead yet? I think I would actually still be alive (mom, correct me if I'm wrong), but Miriam is not dead yet because during a severe bout of Norovirus she was able to go to a hospital and get hooked up to an IV for a week when her body would not accept fluids. [HT Jessie]

No-sew baby wrap success!

Glucose hell