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November 22nd, outsourced

Alfonso Cuaron's IKEA (a la Gravity).

First walk on the ice. I can't remember who sent that to me, but thank you for those 15 seconds of cute. For more cute, check out this toddler napping with his puppy. I know that last link took over the internet this week, but it deserved it. Take another look. Awwwww. [HT Jen]

This week, in map fun: Mormons in America (my childhood county is 3.76% Mormon), regional names, and concentrations of high education levels and income. [HT Andrew and Brad]

OK, the thing is, don't hate me, but I kind of can't stand Upworthy. Or at least the gimmicky CLICK MEEEE!!!! headlines they come up with. Here's more about those headlines. (See also: an Upworthy headline generator.)

How many households are like yours? For me: 2.89%. If we add in our nanny from last year, then we drop down to .02%. [HT Liz]

The original article seems to have been removed, so I hope this cached link works for you: the difference between seniors and freshmen at the BYU. [HT Lyse]

Anonymous Thank Yous. For your daily dose of warm fuzzies. [HT Sarah]

Seriously, the Danish royal family's portrait is....really weird.

The miserable trifecta

It takes a village...of young Arab men