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The Wrap

Before Sterling was born, I blogged about making a no-sew baby wrap. I mentioned here that I am basically writing the rest of my thesis while wearing my baby. I'm not the only one who can wear him, either:

Yes, the wrap is a wonderful thing. I absolutely recommend getting/making one if you have a baby and you find yourself still needing to accomplish things during the day. Weird, I know. I have done just about any household chore you could imagine while wearing Sterling. It is so liberating to know that if he's fussy and won't settle on his own, I can just pop him in the wrap and carry on with life.

I've noticed that when I wear him in public, I get a lot of odd/fascinated looks, and a lot of people will actually approach me to comment on it. Here are some of the reactions I've received while out and about:

- what is that?
- how do you do that?
- where did you get that?
- is he comfortable in that?
- how does he sleep while you're moving around so much?
- can he breathe in that?

These comments are offered sometimes in a positive tone of admiration, but sometimes in a negative tone of chastisement. I try not to worry about the latter. The fact is that Sterling would let me know - loudly - if he were at all uncomfortable. The wrap looks tight, but the material is stretchy so it has more give than you'd think. And he sleeps quite well while I'm moving around - babies like to be in motion. That's why we rock them and swing them and bounce them.

The wrap is currently the most helpful piece of baby gear that I own. I promise I take time to just hold my baby and enjoy his baby-ness, but as most of you already know, life goes on even when you have an infant. I am so grateful to have something that helps me get done the things I need to do, whether it's cooking dinner, writing my thesis, shopping for groceries, or just soothing a fussy baby.

One final note: don't be put off - as I was, initially - at the perceived difficulty of tying the wrap. I've only ever used the one tie: Pocket Wrap Cross Carry. Even if I never use another tie, the wrap will already have been so useful that it wouldn't matter. And remember that you do not need to buy a "product" - you can just make your own wrap, as I did, following the instructions here. It doesn't get any easier, I promise, and your new-mom self will thank you when the time comes.

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