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The uncle from America

We enjoyed this most recent weekend with Jeremy's younger brother, Scott. This is the third time he has visited us, thanks to the business he sometimes has in the region.

We don't get visitors very often. That plane ticket to fly across the sea costs a pretty penny, and it keeps most people away. So it's fun to see how excited the girls get about visitors, especially Uncle Scott since he's been here "so many" (3) times. Scott is this guy from America who comes to see us, suitcase bursting with favorite foods from the US and care packages from Grandma. When he is here, we do fun things. He is dad-like enough to be familiar, but different enough to be fresh and full of new, silly games to play.

On this trip, Scott arrived late at night. The next morning, the girls were begging me to be allowed to go in his room and wake him up. I told them they had to wait until 9.15. So the both of them perched in front of the clock in our living room and stared at it as the minutes ticked by. They were that excited to see him.

Also, Magdalena made him this out of her precious craft flotsam and put it on his door to welcome him:

Come and visit us. Perhaps you, like Scott, will become a rock star in the eyes of two little girls.

Downton Abbey 4.3 (SPOILERS)

January 17th, outsourced