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January 17th, outsourced

Google Play went all Baby Name Voyager, unscientific-style, on music!

What it really takes to live a life of luxury. I find that the people who make the Emirates so beautiful are sometimes visible, sometimes not. On campus, we see the people who polish the classroom floors and keep up the campus landscaping. Other places, not so much.

A Pride & Prejudice engagement. Awwwww! [HT Scotty]

Has anyone ever been to a 4DX theater? It sounds kind of cool, but also kind of awful (I do not want to be punched in the back while watching a movie).

The Pope says go on, breastfeed in the Sistine Chapel! If anyone ever gives you crap about breastfeeding outside of the mother's lounge at church, send them to that link.

I wonder if this is a record of some sort: the GCC version of The Wolf of Wall Street had 45 whole minutes cut out by the censors.

Brace yourselves: this is a story of a really GOOD thing to happen with a stranger on an airplane. So sweet. Sniff. [HT Ashi]

If you, like me, were a kid fangirl of Part of Your World back in the day (and maybe still are), then you, like me, may enjoy seeing this behind-the-scenes footage of Jodi Benson figuring out how to sing it.

How to tell if you are in a Bronte novel. [HT Sarah]

40 more maps that explain the world. This post rightly points out that maps were The Thing in 2013. I hope they continue to be! [HT Dave]

I loved the tone (and content) of When the President Sits Down Next to You at a Cafe.

If you are watching Season 4 of Downton Abbey but NOT reading the Fug Girls recaps, I urge you to remedy the situation immediately.

The uncle from America

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