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April 17th, outsourced

I found this account of an internet writer's life without WiFi to be very interesting.

I know it's the Daily Mail, but wow, four American high schoolers were accepted to all eight Ivy League universities!

Kids are THE BEST. Look up that flying fairy video on its own if you can - it makes me laugh every time.

My mom sent me this article about getting through tough times in parenthood. I totally agree that some of us are not [insert stage] people - the baby stage is really hard for me, and so it was nice to feel validated.

Here's that Cheryl's Birthday brainteaser, solved.

NAMES 2014!!!!!!!!!!

What is parenthood like? SO TRUE. [HT Andrew]

I'm sure you saw the click-baity headline about the CEO who cut his own salary to raise the salaries of his employees to at least $70k each. I was sure there was a catch...but no, he really did.

Lebanon Shot Twice - photos during the civil war and now.

This is what our kids' school lunches look like. [HT Andrew]

This couple kept it a secret that they were having twins, and then filmed everyone's reactions when they saw the babies for the first time.

I loved seeing the kids in action at this awesome kindergarten in Kyoto!

I meant to share this last week - Dark Lord Funk You Up. Your kids will want to watch it on an endless loop, if they're like mine. [HT Jeremy]

My friend Liz is going to Botswana to record women's oral histories. GoFundHer, please.

Goodbye, Gil

Other stuff we did in Sri Lanka