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October 17th, outsourced

My friend Crystal on pregnancy and infant loss remembrance day.

I loved the NYT's look at what kids around the world eat for breakfast...and also this follow-up: What's Really For Breakfast? (Sometimes it's donuts and strawberries.)

What it's like to carry your Nobel Prize through airport security (in Fargo, ND, no less!).

A 12-year-old girl called out the CEO of Dick's Sporting Goods about the complete lack of female representation in their catalog.

Baby boy names in Utah. Awesome. [HT Aimee and Suzanne]

Ohhh I loved this: nine expats you'll meet abroad. So true. [HT Jill]

Bike like a pro, eat like a pig. When Jeremy is in the middle of his super-intense training, he gets like this. I remember one day in Germany he came back from an 8-hour run and even the next morning, he was STILL hungry. I was eating peanut butter on a spoon after church and he came in the kitchen, took the spoon out of my hand, and ate it right in front of me. It was like he didn't even know what he was doing. His brain saw CALORIES and had to eat.

North Face put together a pretty cool stunt in Korea - disappearing floors that required shoppers to start climbing the wall, or else! [HT Ariana]

Why do books come out in hardback before paperback?

Seriously, have a look at my Mormon underwear

I give in to Books