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Downton Abbey 4.7 (SPOILERS)

Did everyone but me know Paul Giamatti was in this? How did I not know this?

Oh Edith. I agree with the Fug Girls that somehow, some way, her plot is going to involve Nazis. Maybe it's the baby. Maybe it's Michael. Which, speaking of: where is Michael? I'm beginning to wonder if his disappearance has a point, other than to make things miserable for Edith. Again. Well, her leave-the-baby-in-Switzerland idea sounds totally legit so I'm sure everything will go exactly as planned.

Hmm. Hmm. I can't decide how I feel about Miss Sarah Bunting. Poor Branson cannot catch a break, no matter what. Is this woman good-sassy? Or just annoying-sassy? I wish everyone would just leave him alone or let him go to America, as sad as that would be. Or let him be a firebrand politician. Maybe things are moving in that direction.

I continue to love Isobel Crawley almost against my will. First Dr. Clarkson fell to her charms (however inadvisably, last season (was it?)), and now this guy.

Breaking news: Molesley possibly has a bit of a backbone!

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