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March 14th, outsourced

I thoroughly enjoyed this safety instructions dance from a flight attendant. Those kicks! That enthusiasm in the face of a few completely unimpressed passengers!

The new film Noah will not be shown in the UAE because it violates Islams prohibition of visual depiction of prophets.

I vaguely knew that the internet is supported by physical cables that run under the ocean, mostly because I remember one of them being severed a few years ago and cutting off a few countries from the web. But to see it in a visual - wow.

STFUParents does wacko baby names!

The Lilly Ann workout. Sterling does this one many times a day. [HT Sarah]

This guy lost a bet with his brother so he had to dance at a public intersection in Provo. [HT...someone]

I was delighted by Ken Jennings' interview with the creator of Jeopardy!

These 51 baby names are now banned in Saudi Arabia. I scanned the list and as for Saudis specifically, I've only had one student with one of the names. I wonder how he feels to be blacklisted.

Global Day 2014 @ AUS

The youngest conference attendee