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Another haircut

I had to laugh with glee/sympathy when I saw this photo of the Duchess of Cambridge with baby Prince George.

THIS IS MY LIFE. More than any of my other babies (all two of them), Sterling loves hair. He grabs my hair or his sisters' hair any chance he gets. He has been known to lunge at Magdalena's hair just to grab a fistful (Miriam learned her lesson already and doesn't let her hair get near him). Then he pulls.

This was a big problem because once again, until last week, my hair was super, super long. I haven't had it cut since August of 2012, at which time I had it trimmed down to just past my shoulders. Now, 20 months later, it was this long:

I continue to believe that there is serious rationale behind the MomChop because I could not function with such long hair while taking care of a grab-happy baby. I always had to put it up. Always. Even while sleeping, because I'm still getting up with Sterling a few times a night.

So I got a haircut from a Lebanese dude in Deira and he did a great job. I told him to do what he wanted, but that I needed to keep some length for my husband's sake. He said, "oh, is he Emirati?" I guess that's a common request around here. What the stylist wanted ended up being, in his words, "funky layers." I like it! Especially when they dried it and styled it all nice for me, which I will probably never do again!

Don't worry, it still looks good even when I just air-dry it and have done with it. I'm happy. Sterling's probably sad. But he still has Magdalena's hair to grab.

The laundry room as a nursery

April 11th, outsourced